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Specialising in arts, music and mindfulness activities across the lifespan,
from early childhood to aged care.

Our vision is to enrich the lives of many, through artistic expression.
We offer customised activities to suit your needs, from single workshop or
diversionary therapy sessions to full programme suites.

Introducing Melanie
and Michelle

With a focus on personalised service, we’re always striving to exceed expectations.


  • Bring passion, creativity and warmth to all we do.

  • Share our extensive experience and knowledge to each and every interaction.

  • Honour individuality and value the contributions of all with respect and kindness.

  • Welcome new ideas and opportunities with enthusiasm while building team resilience.

  • Utilise non-toxic, environmentally friendly local resources as much as possible.


Our Services

Mental Wellbeing Activities

A suite of diversionary or mindfulness programmes across all ages

Children and Youth Activities

Art and music sessions including school holiday workshops

Seniors activities

Leisure and Health programmes

Special projects

Art installations, garden/nature programmes, musical performances

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