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Crafty Christmas Workshops!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

How exciting it is that our new December workshops are now available to book! We have chosen the best of the best activities that we know the children love to create, and packed them all into 6 sessions! The 2.5 hour sessions will include a yummy snack that the children will make and eat between activities. All quality art materials are provided, as are aprons of various sizes.

Mr Garside is very excited to be involved in the programme this time. Having taught Manual Arts to Primary and Secondary students in schools over many years, he has all of the insider knowledge into how to create amazing construction activities! I'm pretty sure that the Wednesday morning activities will be one of the first to fill!

Personally, my favourite activity in the September Holiday Workshops was the step-by-step painting session. Every single student produced a beautiful canvas that they were incredibly proud of - to see how far they progressed in that one session was amazing! I'm pretty certain these will continue to feature in our future holiday programmes.

See you all there!

Michelle and Melanie

school holiday workshops Dalby December 14-16
Download PDF • 10.40MB

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How much are the holiday sessions

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