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January Workshops in Dalby - 2 only!

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas! This is Burt, who loves a bit of a dress-up!

This is such a wonderful time of year, celebrating the achievements of our children, winding down from the busyness of term 4 and preparing for Christmas and the new year! I love Christmas and at the moment, I'm enjoying making samplers and preparing the resources for the December classes in Dalby, which are bound to be fabulous!

Having been a parent and teacher for many years, I know how much there is to do in the lead up to the children returning to school, which is why I have scheduled the January workshops in the week before school resuming. These workshops will run for 5 hours, from 9-2pm. Children will engage in lots of fun arts and crafts, cooking and games. They will need to bring a water bottle and lunch, but snacks will be provided.

For the teachers among us, if you are in PD and need your children supervised until 3pm, please contact me for additional information.

Bookings are now open on the website, so check them out! If you have any questions, please email or phone Michelle on 0467662570. Hope to see you there!

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